BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Quality

If you cannot afford to, or do not want to renew or replace your dock levellers every few years , you have come to the right place. Instead of cheap solutions, we deliver quality at a fair price.

We use high quality materials and components. For our dock leveler substructure we use generally strong IPE steel beams and not folded sheets.

There are always two hydraulic lift cylinders available for use.

Our hydraulic power packs are carefully mounted on the fixed frame and not placed on the platform, where they are constantly exposed to vibrations.

Next we use an impact resistant paint finish. Our designs maintain years of extreme loads even in continuous and in shift operation handling heavy loads effortlessly.

You want XXL stability made ​​to measure? No problem, our production will build loading ramps adapted to your existing conditions, as well as having a particularly high load capacity!

quality management


Our products go through a particularly developed quality assurance system, in order to obtain one equal lasting high quality! We document this additionally on each product with our "quality seal"!

This BUTT-QUALITY-SYSTEM is constantly extended, adapted and improved.

Our success proves that this system is the right way, BUTT-products are a synonym for quality! Of course we manufacture according to all regulations and laws, like for example the ,,EN machine guidelines" and ,,rulesforthe prevention of accidents''! In addition to this our products are provided with the ,,CE sign"!