BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Dock levellers

Durable and meticulously designed

BUTT Dock Levellers are readied for extreme load reserves with their very robust steel construction and their tried and tested hydraulics with two lifting cylinders. By arranging the substructure lengthwise, significant torsional flexibility is guaranteed for one-sided loads.

The dock leveller can even cope with emergency situations (if a lorry starts to roll away during loading or unloading) using the two lofting cylinders. The emergency Stop-Valve responds immediately in such situations


Customer Benefits

  • Individualized for fitting and load capacity
  • Very robust steel construction
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • Designed for extreme loads
  • Replacements of old loading bridges
  • Insulated versions for minimal energy loss


BUTT Quality!

Sub-construction with I-Beam IPE 140!

Last but not least, the weight of our levellers is evidence of the extreme stability and durability during continuous operation. Our standard bridge measuring 3,000 mm × 2,000 mm has a weight of over 1.4 tons. Nevertheless, full flexibility and use possibilities, for example for one-sided loads, are fully maintained.


Individualized for your requirements!

Dock Leveller in Steel Underframe   20 Ton carrying capacity   Control box cluster                       Dock leveller/ door
The ideal solution for retrofitting a loading bridge for an existing ramp   If you require a particularly high carrying capacity, such as is required in the paper industry, we have the right model for you.   Consolidated control of dock levellers and doors or even integrated safety components. Everything is possible.
Insulated Loading Suite   Forerunning Sectional Door   No loss of energy through multi-tiered installation
If you have particularly high demands for thermal insulation, we can insulate your loading site with our forerunning sectional doors.   The insulated loading site with forerunning doors. Raised to yard level or up to the ISO Panel under the dock leveller as shown here.   You dock your closed trailer directly onto the ramp so as to not allow any unnecessary exchange of air. The doors swing above the sunken ramps. 
Loading facility   Anti-slip coating / hot-dip galvanizing
Complete loading facility composed of dock levellers with tail-lift recess for loading platforms type HV2520-6, dock seals and ISO sectional doors.  

The slip-resistant corundum coating simultaneously acts as noise insulation and can also be used for hot-dip galvanized or varnished versions.

Standard: Lateral push blades   Tail-lift recess for loading platforms
If the vehicle has docked off centre, the double-sided push blades (Standard) retreat.   A tail-lift recess for your vehicles with tail lift gates

Replace your old loading bridge!

Alte Vorschubbrücke - Bildbeschreibung
The new tailor-made BUTT system for your existing pit

Aging loading bridges are an increasing risk for personnel and machinery. In addition, the new bridge models come with significantly more amenities (e.g. new extending lips instead of hinge lips). In order to upgrade these outdated ramps with proven BUTT products, BUTT is specialized in the cost-effective replacement of old, irreparable loading bridges.

BUTT can even easily restore products of other manufacturers using electrohydraulic dock levellers. The varying dimensions of the existing pits are recorded, and a tailored leveller is individually created and deployed by our own professionally trained staff. No extensive assembly or disassembly is required thanks to the ready-made system. Your loading ramp is again immediately ready to use, saving you time and money.

At your request, we can also dispose of your old loading bridge. Of course, we can also renovate your old door and door seals, cost-effective, quick and all in one stop.


The new tailor-made BUTT system for your existing pit.

  Construction and replacement are carried out by our own staff and equipment.   Open loading facility with weatherproof steering pedestal and 1000 mm long dock.



BUTT elektrohydraulische Vorschubbrücke - Vorschublippe mit Einstoßzungen
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke - Zwei Hydraulikzylinder und Plateauunterkonstruktion aus IPE 140 Trägern.
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke - Bürstendichtungen
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke - Vorschublippe mit seitlichen Einstoßzungen.
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke - Richtiger Abstand des zu beladenen Fahrzeuges! Nach Andocken am Anfahrpuffer muss der LKW einen kurzen Abstand zum Anfahrpuffer halten, um eine optimale Schwimmstellung des Verladeplateaus zu gewährleisten.
Stahluntergestell mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke
Doppel-Vorschubbrücke zur Seitenverladung
Verladeplatform mit BUTT elektrohydraulischer Vorschubbrücke - Geländer, Leiter und witterungsgeschütze Bedienungssäule.
Vorschuplippe mit Einstoßzungen und seitlichen Bürstendichtungen
BUTT elektrohydraulische Vorschubbrücke
BUTT verzinkte Vorschubbrücke mit Korundbeschichtung
BUTT verzinkte elektrohydraulische Vorschubbrücke mit Korundbeschichtung
rutschfeste Korundbeschichtung
Kombination BUTT Elektro-hydraulische Vorschubbrücke mit BUTT Scherenhebebühne




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