BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Cushion Dock Shelters

BUTT Cushion Dock Seals Type 900

Kopffl appen teillamelliert, individuelle Größenvariante für
Perfekte Abdichtung während der Verladung.
Individuell gefertigte Kissen-Torabdichtungen für eine
besonders gute Abdichtung bei gleichartigen Fahrzeugtypen.
Kopffl appen teillamelliert, individuelle Größenvariante für

Custom-made BUTT cushion dock seal type 900 provides a particularly good seal for similar types of vehicles.

The BUTT cushion dock seals prevent expensive energy loss through a highly effective seal between the vehicle and the loading dock.

As soon as the truck drives parks against the door seal, the BUTT cushion dock seal surrounds the vehicle and thus provides an economical seal.

An adjustable head flap facilitates the docking of vehicles of different heights.

As a result, this model is excellent for cood storage warehouses and air-conditioned storage rooms. Summer heat, winter cold, drafts, dust and insects haven’t the slightest chance to penetrate into the facility.

This will provide you with significant energy savings and less downtime due to illness of facility personnel.

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