BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Loading Accessoriers

Trailer jacks – safe positioning for unhitched trailers

New Trailer-Jack
New Trailer-Jack
Trailer Jack
Type: TS 30
Trailer-Jack 2
Type: TS 1
Trailer-Jack 3
Trailer Jack
Type: TS 2
Trailer Jack
Type: TS 3

BUTT Trailer Supports secure semitrailers during loading and unloading operations. The new trailer jack made ​​by BUTT is a valuable contribution to greater safety during loading and unloading of semitrailers and while swapping trailers.

The telescopic supports prevent the unhitched trailers from tipping when driving on with material handling equipment or by load changes. This acts as a third leg positioned under the front edge or under the suspension area of the semi-trailer or under the interchangeable body.

An employer’s liability insurance specification requires that additional support measures are used when loading and unloading semitrailers!

  • Simple handling
  • The steel structure provides for enormous load capacities (30 tons)
  • Uncomplicated, quick positioning
  • Compact construction
  • Ball bearing mounted face plate
Bequemes Verfahren der Trailer-Stütze
Richtig befestigt mit integrierter Spannstange und allseitig flexibler kugelgelagerter Kopfplatte

Additional Accessories

Pufferunterkonstruktion - Feuerverzinkte Unterkonstruktion
Einfahrhilfen - Führt den LKW mittig vor die Rampe und
zwingt den Fahrer zum vorsichtigeren Fahren
Höhenverstellbarer Puffer - Höhenverstellbarer Puffer
mit zwangsautomatischer
Höhenverstellbarer Puffer - Verhindert das Überfahren Ihrer
Rampe bei hohen Chassis
Verladeleuchte - Leuchtet den dunklen LKW optimal aus
Rampenpuffer - Steckpuffersystem
Rampenpuffer - Feuerverzinkte Stahlschutzplatte
verhindert erhöhten Verschleiß
am Puffer
Rampenpuffer - Stahlschutzrahmen, der den
Puffer perfekt einrahmt und
ideal schützt
Federstahlpuffer - Mit 2 integrierten Power-Stops
zur optimalen Dämpfung
Loading without an electrical safety wedge chock block   Loading with a BUTT electrical safety wedge chock block
Without a lorry safety system there is considerable danger of failing of the loading and unloading personnel, as the lorry can accidently leave the docking site. With the BUTT safety wedge chock block, the operator learns zone visually and / or accoustically of any safety warnings withinthe loading site.



"Traffic light" Safety System   Safety Wedge Chock Block Mounting Bracket   BUTT Electrical Safety Wedge Chock Block
Our “traffic light” safety systems are assembled entirely according to your wishes. Exterior and / or interior lights, horn, proximity sensor, etc. are all available according to your needs.   For the perfect whereabouts of the electrical safety wedge chock block, a massive wall bracket is provided.   The BUTT electrical safety wedge chock block checks the correct positioning via a switch system.



BUTT Strip Curtains

Our strip curtain prevents energy losses at open doors and gates and ensures safe driving through the opening from both sides.

The special PVC strips in blue, yellow or green translucent colour provide much transmissible light and are crystal clear.

Overlapping of the individual strips can be freely selected. Mounting can be performed either under or front of the lintel. The holding apparatus is made ​​of galvanized steel.

A laterally-sliding strip curtain is also available.

The PVC strips are low temperature resistant down to -45 ° C.

Material thicknesses of the strips are optionally:

200 x 2 mm: 300 x 3 mm; 400 x 4 mm.