BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Aluminium Frame Sectional Doors

Coordination of the highest material quality with diversification of design

Almost no restrictions are placed on creative freedom: whether translucent or opaque, with or without sectioning, coloured or transparent, heat-insulating or permeable to air. These are just some examples of the various materials and designs.


Cable break safety device. Lockung device


The aluminium frame sectional door is our industrial door that allows the highest incidence of light. Horizontal sections connected by hinges to one another are raised upwards by rollers in guide rails. Installation on the internal side of the building is typical. The opened door clears the entire opening of the dock wall. A spring assembly - shaft with torsion springs - takes over the weight balancing. Steel cables and special rope drums transfer the spring forces to the door panel to be moved. A solid frame-sash construction encloses the glass sections. Insulating glass as thermal protection is common and also standard. The aluminium frame sectional door the most commonly used industrial door at workshops, fire stations, transport companies depots, etc. In short: whenever a lot of light is desired.

In interaction with BUTT dock shelters and
BUTT dock levellers
Large-sized BUTT Aluminium frame sectional door with integrated wicket door and slanting ground section.

Setting Accents – Forming Façades

Form, colour, and the various fillings of panels offer numerous design possibilities. A harmonic image of the façade itself and the lighting strips within the façade can be created using a selected pattern. The RAL colour palette offer individuality from "screaming to be noticed" to tone-on-tone customisation.

Corrosion-resistant – long lasting

Anodised execution with a layer thickness of 20 µm in the aluminium natural tone is standard. The sections are weatherproof and corrosion resistant; applied finishes complete design requirements. Hinges and roll holders are fully galvanized. Stainless steel fittings can be provided for extreme situations.

Protective measures - monitoring

Spring breakage safety devices, cable breakage protection and safety bars, sometimes mandatory, sometimes recommended, are specific to users and doors. All applicable legal requirements and provisions, as well as additional concepts and ideas can be catered for.

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