BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT ISO Sectional Doors

The ISO 40 mm Sectional Door

The ISO sectional door is a classic industrial door with high thermal insulation. Horizontal sections are connected to each other with hinges are raised upwards using rollers in guide rails. Installation on the internal side of the building is typical. The opened door clears the entire opening of the dock wall.

A spring assembly - shaft with torsion springs - takes over the weight balancing. Steel cables and special rope drums transfer the spring forces to the door panel to be moved. A smooth or (optional) textured surface, interrupted by horizontal corrugation, offers an appealing design.


Diversity - eye catching - a formative element

Various design possibilities are realized using colour schemes, and the shape and arrangement of the viewing window. Aluminium frame elements in the ISO Door can, for example, extend the strip lighting of a building.

A contrasting colour base of a building can harmonize with the lower closed sections of a door. Builders and planners have the ability to create eye-catchers, and attract attention with recognizable features, or create highlights in uniform façades.


Wetterfestigkeit - verwendbar in jedem Klima
Wetterfestigkeit - verwendbar in jedem Klima
Wetterfestigkeit - verwendbar in jedem Klima
Wetterfestigkeit - verwendbar in jedem Klima

High insulation - Solid Panels

Personnel door - also available with a low threshold

The sections, constructed on the sandwich principle, are 40 mm thick. The core consists of rigid polyurethane foam and is CFC-free. External and internal skins are made of galvanized, plastic-coated steel sheets with a thickness of 0.55 mm.

Shear-free connections between the rigid foam core and the profiled sheet steel results in a high load capacity. Thermal separation between the external and internal lining ensures high thermal insulation. Tongue and groove formation and bilaterally applied sealing tape provide good sealing among the sections.

A U-value of up to 1.1 W/m2 K and a soundproofing measurement of approximately 25 dB denote the excellent heat and sound insulation of the sections. Highly flexible gaskets seal the end of the door panel to the sides, to the floor, and lintel. This door lives up to its "ISO" name in every respect.


Komplett geschlossene Tore ohne Fenster für beste Wärmedämmung.

The new ISO 60 mm Sectional Door - Ensuring the cold remains outside

Perfect sealing through dual rubber seals

Dual seals on the lintel and at ground level results in increased impermeability and thus effectively reduces energy losses.


Das ISO Sektionaltor ist optional auch mit 80 mm Dicke erhältlich
The ISO Sectional Door is also optionally available in 80 mm thickness

The energy saving door, made with a 60 mm CFC-free polyurethane rigid foam core, is thermally insulated and therefore the ideal solution for extreme differences in temperature. Due to the excellent insulation values ​​of up to 0.7 W / m² K, the ISO 60 mm sectional door is designed specifically for use in refrigeration and frozen storage, where the cooling process requires a very large amount of energy. Even with this door type you do not need to forgo the popular micro-profiled look in standard colour tones RAL 9002 and RAL 9006. In addition, special colour tones from the RAL colour chart can, of course, be provided.

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