BUTT special ramp for railroad wagons

Another BUTT Special ramp for the loading of cars on railroad wagons with two levels is delivered to a transnational trucking company.

BUTT special ramp for India

BUTT special ramp for high performance milling machines

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BUTT Thermal-Insulated Loadhouses


BUTT Thermal-insulated loadhouses can be constructed in an existing hall or in a new building. This signifies long-term depreciation. However BUTT’s thermal-insulated loadhouses can be set up as a mounting unit and thus can be depreciated more quickly as technical equipment.

BUTT’S thermal-insulated loadhouses consist of an underframe with an integrated dock leveller. On this basis there are thermal-insulated wall and ceiling linings made from sandwich panels as well as integrated sectional or rolling doors. On the surface, the loadhouse comes with a dock shelter of your choice.

Our loadhouses can be integrated in any corner of your building. This way, the saw-tooth version (45° angle) saves precious space and makes lorry docking that much easier. Even converting the loadhouse is feasible without much effort based on its compact construction.

Customer benefits

Fully-fused steel underframe for extreme load capacity

  • The net floor space of the hall is increased
  • Individual production available ideal during building upgrades
  • Length, width and load capacities can be freely selected
  • Extreme stability through full individual support; No vertical load introduction into the building
Gate in the loadhouse   Gate in the façade in the hall   Mobile Versions
Can also be combined with internal and external rolling doors or sectional doors.   Sealed or unsealed versions according to need   The mobile thermal-insulated loadhouse can be operated with two industrial trucks and utilized variably
Complete delivery and assembly performed by BUTT.   Door at the front of the warehouse.   Door in the hall façade.


BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleuse mit 4 Verladeeinrichtungen
BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleusen
BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleuse - Verladeschleuse mit Stahlunterkonstruktion und integrierter hydraulischer Vorschubbrücke sowie Torabdichtung. Einfahrhilfen erleichtern das Andocken an die Vorschubbrücke. Einhausung mit Sichtfenstern und Zusatzandockmöglichkeit an der Seite mit BUTT-Sektionaltor.
Montage der neuen BUTT Verladeschleusen
Neue Verladeeinheiten mit BUTT Wärmegedämmten Verladeschleusen
BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleuse
BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleusen
BUTT Wärmegedämmte Verladeschleuse
Verladeschleuse auf Stahlunterkonstruktion - Stahlunterkonstruktion mit hydraulischen Vorschubbrücken und Überdachung sowie Seitenwand aus Paneelen mit großen Sichtfenstern.